Our mission is local sustainability

With this local shopping online community, we give our retailers, restaurants, and small businesses a chance to survive and grow during COVID-19 social distancing guidance, but also from the pressure and unfair competition from global online marketplaces like Amazon.

At PINELLAS.SHOPPING, local retailers, restaurants, and small businesses can compensate for lost revenue at their brick-and-mortar, and shoppers can help keep their local retailers, restaurants, and small businesses alive and thriving!

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Community Platform Features

Local Shopping

PINELLAS.SHOPPING is an interactive multi-shop online community platform with a virtual street shopping experience.

Shop Local
Restaurant Ordering

PINELLAS.SHOPPING offers restaurants online menus, ordering, and delivery systems in partnership with delivery companies.

Restaurant Ordering Features
Small Businesses

PINELLAS.SHOPPING features project management system, services classified, secure documents exchange and communication system.

Entertainment Features
Online Community

PINELLAS.SHOPPING features an online community system where users can connect through personal and professional profiles and communication tools.

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Featured Local Businesses

Check out some of our featured local businesses

 and landmarks throughout beautiful Pinellas County.

The Wayward Goose - St. Pete
The Wayward Goose - St. Pete
Spongeorama - Tarpon Springs
Spongeorama - Tarpon Springs
Flying With Jerome - Clearwater
Flying With Jerome - Clearwater
Spencer's Western World - Pinellas Park
Spencer's Western World - Pinellas Park
Aloha To Go - Seminole
Aloha To Go - Seminole
Emelia's Apothecary - Dunedin
Emelia's Apothecary - Dunedin

Shoppers (shop local online)

With this free virtual interactive platform, you can click and zoom to the area in your county that you want to shop in. Click on the store of your choice or search by category or name and start shopping. Select your purchases for curbside pick-up or delivery within the hour or the same day. The restaurant ordering system will work similarly and after ordering you can pick up your meal or have it delivered. You will also be able to contract services from small businesses and local entrepreneurs, and conversely put your own business online to offer your services if you want to. Aside from shopping and ordering food, you will have a social profile similar to that on Facebook and you will be able to meet friends and neighbors with a dedicated secure communication system. The platform will also feature forums, entertainment, podcasts, videos, classifieds, and blogs that will be provided by local media. Unlike when shopping at large global online marketplaces, the money spent by our fellow residents will remain in Pinellas County, boosting the sustainability of our local economy.


Free Help for Retailers

In less than 20 minutes you can open your online store load your products and start selling. The idea of a local online shopping platform is to have all our independent retailers on an extremely easy to use interactive virtual county map complete with our towns, neighborhoods, and streets where local shoppers (your clients and 1 million other residents) can find your store by searching its name, location, or business category. Of course, the platform will be closed to mega-retailers.

With your new online store, get your own payment system. No sales commissions or sales fees, it's free. Tell your neighbors and colleagues! The more retailers that open stores on the platform the greater and more diversified the offering will be to better attract our local shoppers and compete with global online marketplaces. Register today, it's free! Call us at 727-873-7371 if you need help opening your store.


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